On the evening of June 14, the FinTank team welcomed Paul Manst from Chicago’s MARCH (Midwest AI and Robotics Center for Humans) as we hosted a seminar on the current state of affairs in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning field. Over 30 attendees joined the conversation to position themselves and their businesses on the cutting edge of the market.

Joining Paul were two of the leading entrepreneurs in the industry, Dr. Arnoldo Muller-Molina, CTO and Founder of simMachines (http://simmachines.com/), and Brian Clark – CEO and Founder of Ascent Technologies. Both Dr. Muller-Molina and Mr. Clark took turns introducing not only themselves and their business, but how they are currently disrupting the market and making real change happen. Additionally, both gentlemen fielded questions and gave expert advice to anyone in the crowd who wanted to know more about how to follow in their footsteps of success.

The overarching themes of the seminar centered around some of the more complex issues facing the world of A.I. and M.L. including the problems of explainability to the public, the merging of A.I. and current policy, the overall effectiveness of the field, and the general distrust most of the population seems to have of machines that “learn” and “think”. Along with the challenges we face, the presenters focused on the incredible influence artificial intelligence and machine learning are having across all markets including economic commerce, justice and freedom, automotive industries, personal technology industries, and retail spaces.

As is our belief here at FinTank, the seminar went beyond just regurgitating information as we encouraged networking and personal relationship building with food, cocktails, and time set aside afterward for mingling and conversations. Join us next month as we dive into more of the challenges and benefits of A.I. and M.L. on July 12 at 6 pm. Sign up for free here: