With so much attention being drawn to Chicago’s incubation ecosystem, we were pleased to be asked to represent the community behind the phenomenon by joining the panel answering questions and sharing experience with the conference as a whole. George joined a group speaking about the great environment of incubation that he and others are helping foster right here in Chicago. From the challenges that have arisen to the triumphs we have shared, George and Co. fielded questions and gave anecdotal experience to a crowd of more than 100 attendees.

The panel was asked a series of questions by the moderator, as well as from the audience itself. This combination of investigation led to some insightful dialogue between the panel and the group. Notably, the panel was asked what excites them the most about the current climate of incubation here in Chicago. One panelist claimed that Chicago is “the best city to start a business”. Citing the city’s willingness to form partnerships and the communal sense of “building something together”, she claimed that Chicago is already contending for the title of premier entrepreneurship stronghold. George cited the overwhelming number of powerful individuals, both private and public, who are willing to help the local entrepreneur and business leader. The whole panel agreed that there is certainly a lot to be excited about.

After the panel, George enlightened the group about the work being done here at FinTank and the opportunities the company has to get involved. The team joined George to show support and create a strong presence at the conference. With the added support of David, Erik, Tate, Bill, and Colin, George facilitated discussions with some of Chicago’s leading innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs. Sparking interest from individuals across all fields, from lawyers to lenders, the conference was not only a success for the FinTank team but a success for the city as a whole.

With Chicago’s illustrious history of financial innovation, the 2nd annual Incubate Illinois Conference heralded back to the days of entrepreneurship and paradigm shifting that seem to have a slipped away from our MidWestern home. The idea of Incubate Illinois (and the philosophy of FinTank) is to rekindle that sense of industriousness and innovation. With the perfect storm of markets, Fortune 500 companies, world class universities, and a willing government, Chicago is poised to become the hub of the American fintech revolution. Join that revolution by joining the FinTank team. Sign up for our newsletter or contact us directly about membership opportunities.