On the morning of June 13, the FinTank team hosted Fiona and Ray McEntee from McEntee Law, along with Ivette Morataya from the Midwest Chapter of FWD.us, as they held an educational seminar on the intricacies of today’s immigration climate. The brother/sister team led a discussion with a dozen members in attendance as we explored the complex and ever-changing field of U.S. immigration law and policy.

Focusing on the area of business-based immigration, the team educated the room on the types of visas most readily available and commonly used within the business community. Between legal lingo and anecdotal examples, the McEntee’s “translated” (so to speak) the core ideas they were conveying. Encouraging questions throughout, the team ensured that all attendees were understanding the principle issues of today’s immigration landscape.

With introductions and breakfast out of the way, the room was filled with all sorts of conversations between individuals from all over the world and from all sectors of business. A dozen people in one conference room meant a positive atmosphere charged with interest and curiosity as everyone jotted down notes and voiced their questions and concerns. Together, the group laid a groundwork for how we as a community can facilitate a better understanding of immigration and how it relates to our fintech enterprises. Attendees learned about ways to advocate for themselves and their friends as the McEntees explained the most effective ways to influence change.

Join FinTank for future seminars as we tackle more timely issues to aid you and your business in the continuous quest for disruption and a secured spot in the market.