On May 4th, 2017 at the FinTank, Eric Rodriguez and Jean-Paul Thomas presented a use case and visualization metrics demo about: Public Data – Geographical Mapping – Chicago Crime & Politics. The business intelligence session focused on:
  •  A holistic overview of the major building blocks for a robust BI solution.
  • Visualization demo using the Tableau application to identify crime trends/activity in the Chicago area map.
The overview and live demo created audience participation with inquisitive and debate like questions. You could virtually see the light bulbs going off from the various attendee questions. People wanted to learn how do you take the public information available on the internet and translate it into useful “Meaningful Metrics”. Eric and Jean-Paul fielded a wide variety of questions that provided answers to the attendees’ questions and stirred other ideas for BI innovation.
There was a good mix of software engineers, start-up founders, business managers, consultants, data scientists, and college students. The diversity of people attending supports one of our FinTank foundation theme’s of sharing the knowledge, foster networking, and creating collaboration & innovation. When you attend one of these BI sessions, you never know what you may discover, learn, or share your knowledge so others learn. Check us out in June as we talk about “Extract Transform and Load (ETL) the Dark Side of Data Projects.”