Dear Reader,

We’ve decided to take our blog in a new direction. I (Tate Paglia) will be writing about our experiences as a flourishing enterprise as often as I can (I’ll try to keep you updated daily, but business is booming and time is our most limited resource). As the youngest member of the team, this is sort of my first “go ’round” with creating an international business. With that in mind, I’ll be trying to offer you an “everyday” look into what it truly takes to make it happen. This is meant to give you behind the scenes access as to what’s happening here at FinTank as we grow into the global fintech leader. I’ll be conveying the triumphs and tribulations of starting a business from the ground floor so that you, the entrepreneurs and fintech aficionados of the world, can experience what it takes to succeed. Consider this my digital diary…

September 11th, 2017

Every day is a new opportunity to grow. We firmly believe that here at FinTank. It’s one of the many reasons I love being a part of the team. For us, the scope of this FinTank endeavor reaches around the globe. Thankfully, others seem to agree. Today, we had the pleasure of co-sponsoring “Invest HK” as they shared their experiences with fintech in Hong Kong and the rest of the world.

Hong Kong has long been a global financial titan. With a pragmatic government, business friendly institutions, and turn-key incorporating, the individuals represented today conveyed the importance of expanding these practices to the rest of the world. Their first stop? Chicago. We got a chance to join them at the Willis (Sears, for us true Chicagoans) Tower as the InvestHK director of fintech, Charles d’Haussy, gave an incredibly insightful look into the current climate of innovation. The overall message was clear: fintech is taking over Hong Kong, and they’re looking to go bigger. “Going big” is kind of our thing here. After all, it’s like they always say, if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. We hope to engage more with the great team at InvestHK in the future. Camaraderie and shared knowledge are two of our cornerstones and the international aspect that InvestHK brings to FinTank is right in line with our vision: a global fintech ecosystem with its roots right here in Chicago.

If there’s one thing I learned today, it’s that you’re only really limited by your own vision. Becoming a global player isn’t something to scoff at; it takes hard work and perseverance (pardon the cliché). It can seem overwhelming and frightening but creating something special with great people surrounding you is worth it. Pursuing those big “gets” is intimidating, no doubt, but I’ve come to realize that the scarier something seems, the better it feels to achieve.  Reach up, lean in, and step forward.


-Tate Paglia