This month, Anthony “Tony” Nasharr came by our offices to provide legal advice and expertise to the members of FinTank. Tony joined us from the Polsinelli Law group and brought his three decades of experience with him. Guests were allowed to schedule half hour blocks in which they could ask Tony questions about their professional and personal legal needs in a private, face-to-face environment.

We sat down with Tony to ask a few questions about his experiences, past and present. We asked Tony what the one piece of advice he thinks any tech (or otherwise) entrepreneur should know. With a chuckle and a quip about the how often he gets the same question, Tony remarked, “Surround yourself with the right people”. Elaborating, he went on to point out that the people you choose to run the various aspects of your business should be people that are well vetted and aligned in your philosophical ideas regarding business.

When we asked Tony to explain some of the pitfalls he’s identified over his vast career, he mentioned the fact that many entrepreneurs don’t enter the “game” with the right mindset. Whether it be a lack of motivation or an inability to persevere after an obstacle presents itself, Tony has seen many a startup fail due to the mindset of the entrepreneur.

In a grander sense, we asked Tony what he thought about his experience here at FinTank. He had nothing but positive things to say about his time here. He noted the space here was filled with motivated individuals who were eager to learn and grow. In fact, Tony agreed to join the FinTank team and continue working with us in the future. We look forward to offering more opportunities for our members and partners to talk to Tony and share his experience.

If you’re interested in speaking with Tony or joining the FinTank ecosystem yourself, sign up for our newsletter or contact a member of the team today!