Chicago stands on the cusp of greatness when it comes to the fintech space and people are taking notice. On Wednesday, July the 5th, FinTank welcomed local investors, financiers, entrepreneurs, and students for an educational seminar on the intricacies of the fintech field. The crowd was drawn to the event in the hopes of understanding more about the industry and learning from some of Chicago’s best mentors here at FinTank. David Carman lead the discussion and answered questions posed as he explained the myriad of divisions within fintech. With expert advice and experience, David shed light on where the field is and where it’s headed.

Unlike our regularly scheduled seminars, the breadth of information presented by David spanned beyond the finer points of any one field and explained the way the fintech industry is divided as a whole. From blockchain technology to regtech, David fielded the curious crowd’s questions and explained why each of the aforementioned divisions matter to anyone and everyone who deals with finance, the markets, and/or cutting edge technology. With so much potential waiting to be unlocked, everyone has an opportunity to get in on the action. This introductory course was meant to open the doors for that next generation of fintech greats.

For anyone interested in a specific area of the industry as a whole, join us for one of our in-depth discussions on the great number of topics relevant to fintech. Check out our Eventbrite page for all upcoming seminars and educational chats.